Data protection

Catalyst Housing Limted and Oxford City Council are committed to protecting your personal data. This page provides a high level summary of how we use personal data. For more detailed information on the specific types of data we hold for you, please see the relevant privacy statement set out in ‘Your Privacy Statement’ below.


Blackbird Leys District Centre and Knights Road: Privacy Information 09/2020

Who we are
We are Catalyst Housing Ltd (Catalyst), a charitable housing association working in London and the South East to provide better housing and improve communities and services for local residents.
Our head office and address is Catalyst Housing, Ealing Gateway, 26–30 Uxbridge Road, London W5 2AU.

Why we’re collecting your data
If you give us your name, contact details and your thoughts on our proposals in this document, we’ll use this information to inform our proposals, and to keep you updated on the project if you’ve selected this option. By giving us this information, you consent for us to store your name and contact details. We’ll use your email address to update you on the Blackbird Leys project. Your address helps us to keep track of who we’ve reached.

Who your information will be shared with
We will share the information you give us today with JTP (our architects for Blackbird Leys) and Oxford City Council. This is so we can all work together to develop the plans, and to plan and deliver further consultation.

Storing and deleting your information
Unless you request otherwise, we will store your details until planning permission for the scheme is granted.

Your right to withdraw consent
You can opt-out of having your information used for the above purposes at any time. Please contact

Further information can be found at

You can read more about Oxford City Council’s approach to data protection in their privacy notice, here:

Full details of how JTP process, manage and retain your personal information can be found online in their Privacy Notice at:

Your views will be shared with the project team and may be published as part of our report to the Local Planning Authority but your personal details will not be published.

We may contact you to discuss your comments in more detail – alternatively you can submit comments without personal information.