You said, we did

District Centre

Transport & accessibility

Purple graphic of buses, bike and wheelchair

You said

Cycle lanes currently peter out in the District Centre

Improve cycle lanes so we can cycle to school!

We need a much more frequent direct bus service to the city.

Reintroduce a bus stop at the shops.

We need much better connectivity through the estate.

Improve safety and accessibility in District Centre!

We did

We propose to stop up the central roads to create a square for walking and sitting. This will make it easier to get around on foot and by bike. We have planned for a network of footpaths across the site, and are exploring whether we can provide a new cycle route, and a new bus stop next to the square.

Parking & traffic

Blue graphic with cars

You said

What about dedicated spaces for car share vehicles?

The centre of Blackbird Leys has a lot of cars.

Students fill up the car parks during the week.

Currently parking is an issue.

We did

We are proposing a car lite development at the District Centre, while still considering existing residents, visitors and those who need a car to get around. Parking surveys will help us to understand how much parking is really needed, and we will work with the City Council and the County Council’s Highways department to make sure what we provide is appropriate. We’re also proposing car club spaces.


Blue graphic with hand and pound symbols

You said

We desperately need affordable house prices and rents!

We need a range of homes for families, young and old.

It has to be affordable!

Oxford is so expensive. We need nice, affordable homes for young people too!

We did

We are proposing that the District Centre will provide 210 new homes that are 100% affordable. They will be a mixture of sizes to accommodate a variety of households. They will be 83% social rent and 17% shared ownership.

Community mixed-uses

Pink graphic with resturant and people symbols

You said

Let’s have a central space at the heart of the community!

Provide places to work nearby so people don’t need to drive.

There’s nowhere to go and eat on the estate.

We need friendly and welcoming spaces in front of the shops!

Open a community cafe - a safe and friendly space, welcoming for everybody.

We did

We want to work with the City Council and the Communities team to make this a vibrant and exciting place. The next round of consultation will help us plan what the District Centre will provide – we’ll want to hear more from you about what you’d like to see!