You said, we did

Knights Road

Landscape & green space

Green graphic with tree, bench and birds

You said

What about the loss of open/recreational space?

I need somewhere to be calm.

The field is currently poorly maintained and not well-used.

Unhappy about state of the brook.

The site is well used for dog walking.

We did

Our proposals include two neighbourhood greens with places to sit and to play. Trees and planting are proposed along all streets. We are looking into enhancing the edge of Spindleberry Park with a new path, play spaces and fitness equipment.

Nature & biodiversity

Brown graophic with birds

You said

Spindleberry should be a secure, outside space to look like a ‘nature reserve’

The area is home to foxes, badgers and hedgehogs.

Concerned that we make sure to protect the wildlife.

Building on this park will increase health inequality locally.

We did

We are proposing ecological enhancements wherever possible to existing green spaces across both sites, including tree planting, enhanced planting, and long grass. The ecological corridor along Northfield Brook is protected by the Environment agency, and proposals here enhance the habitats and natural space. Parts of the brook will be widened, which will reduce the risk of flooding, and will also create new and varied wetland habitats. We will also provide a new pocket park in the District Centre to encourage biodiversity there too.

Connections & routes

Orange graphic with poeple and a path

You said

The footpaths along the brook are currently unusable.

I need somewhere to bike.

Concerned that large vehicles won’t be able to get round Spindleberry Close.

We are lacking a safe & accessible walkway between Knights Road and Kassam Stadium.

We did

We propose to improve existing footpaths around the site and create new ones. We are exploring a new accessible bridge connection to Fry’s Hill Park (funding would need to be found for this). We also propose to improve the path to the Kassam Stadium. The site entrance for cars will be from Knights Road only.


Purple graphic with park

You said

Our homes have been broken in to as people get in from the field.

There can be anti-social behaviour here.

The route through to the cinema is poorly lit at night.

We did

New homes will face the brook so that the new path is overlooked. We propose secure back gardens accessed from locked paths for residents only. The two neighbourhood greens will provide NATURE & places to play close to home.