How has sustainability shaped design?

The plans and architecture for the Knights Road site have been developed with the aspirations and principles of our sustainable vision at its centre. This page demonstrates key areas where these have been put into practice.

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Communial green space

The Knights Road Site will promote health and well being and include open accessible green spaces, play spaces, community gardens and public art.

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Ecological offset

Across the two sites we will aim to have a net zero loss of green space and ecology. The main way to achieve this is the development of the central green space in the District Centre and by boosting tree planting at both sites.

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Carbon free energy

The masterplan has been developed to optimise the amount of daylight into each house which will help to heat them. There is also the opportunity for solar panels on the roofs that will generate on-site, clean power.

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The brook habitat

The protected river corridor of Northfield Brook on our southern boundary will be enhanced to increase its biodiversity and to allow the community more access to it. In order to minimise flood risk a network of green infrastructure and SUDs will be introduced.