Our sustainable vision

The design team has developed the following aspirations and key principles to follow in order to achieve a sustainable development at Blackbird Leys. This has been led by our specialist sustainability team at Introba (formerly known as Elementa). 

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Establish a sustainable character

  • The scheme will enhance local biodiversity, green networks and green spaces 
  • Priority will be placed on sustainable and recycled materials across both sites 
  • Recycling, product sharing and waste reduction will be promoted 
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Healthy green
active spaces

  • Central to our design philosophy is people’s health and well-being 
  • We will deliver new accessible public spaces for play and recreation and promote active lifestyles within Blackbird Leys 
  • Our new homes will be welcoming, comfortable and good for your health 
  • The scheme will put pedestrians and cyclists first and promote public transport use 
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Support local community and promote equity

  • We will deliver high quality homes and spaces for existing and new residents in an inclusive way 
  • The new indoor and outdoor public spaces will offer the community high quality shared facilities that meet local need 
  • The development will seek to boost the local economy and promote local opportunities 
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Pathway towards
a zero carbon future

  • All homes will be well insulated and efficient using heat recovery systems to help keep energy bills as low as possible  
  • We are working to a set of internationally recognised principles for sustainable homes 
  • We will strive to reduce the on-site carbon emissions 
  • We will seek to provide energy monitoring systems in all homes