The story so far

Our work to date

In 2019, Oxford City Council, Catalyst and their design team held a series of events with local residents, council members, the parish and shop owners to name a few. Through these, the local community has helped the team to understand the area; contributed their ideas for the new development; and seen how their input is helping to shape the emerging plans.

This next stage is about developing the detail that will bring the proposals to life. Through our consultation website and online webinars, we want to keep working with you to shape this detail. Later in the year, we’ll launch a further round of engagement focused on the community centre and retail spaces.

A few of your comments

There is currently a real lack of affordable housing and affordable rents locally!

We need a range of homes for families, young and old.

The original idea for Blackbird Leys was a church with a village green, keep this in mind.

Open a community cafe - a safe and friendly space, welcoming for everybody.

Access for all in all public areas is so important for equality and diversity – we’re in the 21st century now!

We need places that don’t cost money!