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Our work to date

Since 2019, Oxford City Council, Catalyst and their design team held a series of events with local residents, council members, the parish and shop owners to name a few. Through these, the local community has helped the team to understand the area; contributed their ideas for the new development; and seen how their input is helping to shape the emerging plans.

The full project timeline

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Group of residents and presenters
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Recap of last consultation

Last time we consulted with you was in November 2020. Through this consultation, the local community gave their views on:

  • The new road layout
  • New public spaces
  • How the buildings should look
  • What the homes should include
  • Design of the landscape

We has lots of great feedback through the postal and online forms, and from talking to you at webinars and in person drop in sessions.

We will be focusing on the Knights Road site in a future issue.

View your comments from our last consultation

This consultation

This update is looking at changes to the District Centre site layout, introducing more information on the next steps in the design of the new Community Centre and offering a small preview of the latest designs for the new buildings. We will hold a further consultation later this Spring before we submit the planning application to make sure that proposals are affordable and deliverable.

The design of the Community Centre will be developed separately from the rest of the plans. Oxford City Council will want to allow more time to have in-depth conversations with everyone involved in the Centre, to help set out the brief and then develop the design.

We are also asking for more of your feedback and offering more one to one sessions for you to talk directly with the team about the proposals.

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