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Analysis of all consultation feedback so far

We have gathered all your comments since we began consulting in 2019 and arranged them into key themes. This includes Post It comments from consultation events, consultation forms filled out online and on paper, questions and comments in online webinar sessions and questions and comments in conversation with the project team.


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Community Centre










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District Centre

You said

Ensure local people are not moved out.

I really support taking cars out of the area in front of the shops. Currently visitors stop inconsiderately and it feels dangerous to cross. I suspect people drive and stop because they can, but could probably walk if the street layout encouraged them to do this.

We want road, pavement and public realm improvements in District centre.

The community centre is health and wellbeing. well used but is in need of refurbishment.

We did

We have changed the masterplan to reduce the number of existing homes to be demolished and reduce the number of existing residents to be re-housed.

Blackbird Leys Road has been realigned and will now have pedestrian priority to improve access across the District Centre, reduce vehicle dominance in this area and provide a positive, usable and accessible public space.

The designs include improved cycle routes and infrastructure, to make travelling sustainably as easy and safe as possible.

The Council has appointed a dedicated design team to work with the community on ideas for the new Community Centre.

Knights Road

Green graphic with tree, bench and birds

You said

There must be a balance between the built environment and green spaces.

Need a range of homes for families, young and old.

Houses with gardens.

I’m concerned that footpaths through the Knights Road space will get clogged up with football goers.

Widening access to the brook is a good idea, encourages outdoor activities, good for health and wellbeing.

We did

We have changed the plan to create a central shared green space.

The original masterplan proposal included some flat blocks which are now replaced with houses.

The plan has been changed to separate private courtyards from the main routes to the stadium.

The new landscaping will transform the Brook and make it more accessible.