You said, we did

District Centre

You said

Let’s have a central space at the heart of the community!

Provide places to work nearby so people don’t need to drive.

We need friendly and welcoming spaces in front of the shops!

Open a community cafe - a safe and friendly space, welcoming for everybody.

We did

Since the last consultation updates have been made to protect the new central park and outdoor community space while also providing a safe network of transport routes for pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars. Sustainable travel is promoted further, with a separated cycle lane that connects into wider networks and new electric vehicle charging points.

Knights Road

Green graphic with tree, bench and birds

You said

What about the loss of open recreational space?

We are lacking a safe & accessible walkway between Knights Road and Kassam Stadium.

The field is currently poorly maintained and not well-used

The footpaths along the brook are currently unusable

We did

Since the last consultation, the layout has been updated to incorporate a generous Central Green space which will be the heart of Knights Road site. Emphasis has been given to a public route along the Southern Edge of the site, close to the brook, with great views onto the landscape.