Community Centre

This is the start of the process…

The new Community Centre and the public square will be at the heart of the District Centre. Oxford City Council recognises the need for the community to be fully engaged with the design of these and is currently tendering for an experienced team to work with us to develop the proposals. No decisions have yet been made and the new consultant team will start work by listening to the community to help develop the brief.

Once the brief is agreed they will develop the design with the aim of submitting a new planning application in May this year.

In the meantime, the Council has started consulting with the current users of the Centre and will look forward to continuing this in the future.

community centre timeline

Key features

New landscaped square to be a key part of the new centre

Flexible spaces for different groups

Fully accessible throughout

Brief to be developed with the community

Potential new library

Energy efficient sustainable design

You said

Let’s have a central space at the heart of the community!

We need friendly and welcoming spaces in front of the shops

You need to listen to the community to find out what they need in the Community Centre...