The wider benefits

Healthy Place Shaping

The new public square and road changes will support healthier active lifestyles. The square will work alongside the community centre to broaden the range of activities on offer and include active play spaces.

The new square will have dedicated cycle routes extending along Blackbird Leys in both directions – towards the city centre and south towards Evenlode Tower.

There will be improved pedestrian routes through the estate.

We will continue to work with health stakeholders including health trusts and GP’s to support the regeneration proposals. The proposals have been developed in partnership with the Leys Health and Wellbeing Partnership and other stakeholders both during the consultation and beyond.

Employment & Training

Catalyst will be working with our contractors during the construction phase to create apprenticeships and training on site. Depending on the contractor, this could include paid trainees, apprenticeships, work experience and work trials, mentoring, site tours, and support with employment and community events.

We will work collaboratively with local schools such as the Oxford Academy, colleges and providers, particularly City of Oxford College, Leys CDI and Job Centre Plus.

“The young people will inherit Blackbird Leys so they need to be involved.”

More Housing Choice

All of the new homes will be social rent or shared ownership.

Homes for those looking to downsize and/or looking to live independently will be provided at the District Centre.

New shared ownership homes will offer local residents and others an opportunity to own their own home.

“We need a range of housing for families young and old.”

Sustainable Proposals

All the new buildings will be more sustainable. The new community facilities will look to be zero carbon making the facilities cheaper to run and more affordable for the community.

All homes will be well insulated and efficient using heat recovery systems to help keep bills for residents as low as possible.

“We’ve all got to start thinking green.”

New public spaces

There will be a new public square in the District Centre, which the community will be helping to shape green spaces and play spaces across the estate.

At Knights Road there will be a new central green and environmental improvements to the brook making it better managed and more accessible.

“This central space marks the heart of the community!”

Encouraging investment in the Leys

These proposals will help change outside perceptions of Blackbird Leys and encourage wider investment in the Leys now and for the future.

These are long term changes to support the community. The new centre, public square, shops and homes are an opportunity for real change.

“Investment in this area is long overdue.”

“Get on with it.”