Knights Road

Submitted plan – February 2023

Key features

1. New Central Green as the heart of the site

2. Safe & overlooked green spaces

3. 84 new houses

4. 2-2.5 storey height houses

5. New promenade parallel to the Brook Edge

6. New safe and accessible route through the site to Kassam Stadium

7. Existing wildlife areas protected and enhanced

You said… we did…

“Concerned about what It will feel like in Knights Road development when people use it as a cut through for the Kassam Stadium.”

The layout has been developed to create a clear hierarchy of streets. We are proposing a new clear, overlooked, public route through the site, connecting Knights Road to the bridge and to Kassam stadium.

“Concerned to protect the wildlife.”

Retaining and enhancing brookside environment. working with ecologist protecting existing wildlife species. key habitats along the brook.

“Unhappy about state of the brook and that footpaths by the brook are unusable.”

We are proposing a new public route along the brook edge that encourages people to walk along the landscape.