District Centre

Submitted plans – February 2023

Key features

1. Community Centre

5. New and improved green public space

2. New affordable homes

6. New safe segregated cycle route

3. New shops

7. Community gardens

4. Residential roof terrace

8. Accessible parking spaces

You said… we did…

“When you’re sitting outside the bakery, you’re in the shade – so maybe it’s better to move the shop across the road.”

New retail units have been provided across the road from their current location. They will front on to a new public square, next to the Community Centre and Church.

“The new central space will be at the heart of the community.”

“This could be a lively, mixed-use, social space.”

New shops and the community centre will sit at the heart of the new public square. Redirection of Blackbird Leys Road allows uninterrupted access from the mixed-uses straight onto this new, accessible and usable space.

“We need priority crossing points for pedestrians to get to the public space.”

“We need better connections for pedestrians and cyclists!”

New and improved crossings will improve connectivity across the District Centre and to existing bus stops.