District Centre

New proposals

  1. Road layout has been updated, with shared surfaces incorporated now and room to maintain the bus route
  2. Added a new two way cycle lane that links to safe cycle networks in the local area
  3. Car club and short stay shopping spaces have been included
  4. The new layout moves the road closer to Windrush Tower, but maintains a landscape buffer between the road and building. This provides an opportunity to look at the landscaping in this area. What would you like to see in this area?
  5. Added electric charging points for cars and bikes

What we showed last time

This is a reminder of the plan we showed you in our November consultation. Since then we have been having detailed discussions with other stakeholders including the Highways Team at Oxfordshire County Council. They have asked for changes to the layout to protect the status of the roads and also to improve the cycle routes. The revised masterplan addresses their concerns and ensures that we can deliver the proposed plan. This layout will also protect the proposed new cycle and bus routes.

You said

We need a safer and more accessible District Centre!

Protect the environment!

Improve cycle lanes so we can cycle to school!