Knights Road


Map of knights road

Key changes since last time

  1. Roads have been made narrower wherever possible to make this a pedestrian-focused environment. Reducing hard-surfaces means we can maximise green landscaping.
  2. Houses have been rotated to face the brook and the green spaces. Along with improved pathways and planting this will greatly enhance this nature corridor.
  3. Houses along the brook have changed from a line of terraces to semi-detached houses. This allows views out to the landscape between the houses.
  4. We have increased the size of the central green space and improved the links to other green spaces both in and out of our site.
  5. We have removed the perpendicular parking spaces along the site edges so that the landscape and ‘natural feel’ can blend into the site.


  • 84 new houses
  • Secure cycle storage for all new homes
  • A car-parking space for every home